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Music for Strings (quad-sound)

Music for Strings combines recordings of a string section tuning at the beginning of a rehearsal (courtesy of the players of the Royal College of Music student orchestra) with simulated string sound using a bowed string physical model. As any string player will attest learning to bow properly takes time, patience, skill, and a good ear. My aim using this model are a similarly long and delicate process: finding settings of the different parameters that produce 'bad' bowing; locating the points were the model breaks (but still produces sounds); exploring the fascinating area on the edges of this simulated instrument. I am using a CLM implementation (many thanks to Juan Reyes) of the model developed by Stefania Serafin and Julius Smith. The titles of the movements of the piece are taken from the poetry of Lorca: (1) Prelude to the night (2) Like a shell of light (3) Over the pianissimo of gold (4) We hear through mirrors

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