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Sonata (Scarlatti, Schubert, Scriabin) - Magnetic Resonator Piano and electronics

As a composer of the early 21st century I find the long history of music available to me both enriching and intimidating. I try to both embrace the musics of the past while at the same time keep it at bay. None more so then when composing a Piano Sonata under the stern and frozen gaze of old masters. Obviously, my sonata is not in sonata-form and the piano is extended acoustically - by means of the Magnetic Resonator Piano, and electronically - using Supercollider. But ultimately it is about the sounding of the piano and the pianist. I am grateful to Andrew McPherson for creating the Magnetic Resonator Piano and letting me play with it. I also wish to thank pianist Mark Knoop for trying some of the sketches with me, and to Elaine Chew, who premièred the piece.

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